Funded Proposals


DoD Grant Info Session Slides (presented Nov. 18, 2016)

Funding opportunities distributed during the following faculty meetings:

To help increase proposal success rate, the Strategic Planning committee has recommended setting up this section for successful proposals.  Many of us feel it would be beneficial in our proposal writing, particularly for agencies where we have yet to have a successful proposal, to see successful examples.

If you have examples you would like to have added to this site, please send an electronic version to Deb.  You may include as much information as you like, including reviews. Please also include agency and program.  Thank you!


PI | Co-PIs
AROYoung InvestigatorMathieu FrancoeurDesign of thermal metamaterials beyond the effective medium theory, Abstract | Description (April 2014)
DODMedical DevicesBruce GaleDiscovery Nerve Regeneration (2012)
NASAJake AbbottSpace Technology Research Fellowship
NIHR01Jake AbbottMagnetic Guidance for Improved Cochlear Implant Insertion (2015)
NIHR21Bruce GaleExosome Research Plan (2014)
NSFBIC:PFIKam LeangCollaborative: Enhanced Situational Awareness using Unmanned Autonomous Systems for Disaster Remediation (2014) Includes: summary, description, and references
NSFCAREERJake AbbottNSF CAREER: Nonuniform-Magnetic-Field Control for Medical Microrobots
NSFCAREERMathieu FrancoeurNSF CAREER Proposal Project Description | Project Summary
NSFCAREERRob Stoll NSF CAREER Entire Packet | Project Summary
NSFCBETTim AmeelCBET - Thermal transport processes
NSFCISEJake AbbottMagnetic Haptic Interfaces (funded through the Cyber-Human Systems program)
NSFCISEWill Provancher"Medium" haptics proposal funded through the Human Centered Computing Group in 2009
NSFGOALI/DCSDKam LeangCollaborative: Spatial-Temporal Precision Control of Dual-Stage Nanopositioners (2015) Review Comments
URIFSteven NalewayNanoindenter RIF | RIF notes (2016)